About Me

Hello! I’m Rachael. Welcome to my bookish blog!

Reading has been a major part of my life since the moment I could read on my own and I quickly became enamored with any and everything written – it all started with those flower fairy books and grew from there! My favorite genres are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fairy Tales/Retellings, Historical Fiction, and Classics. My idea of a perfect day is curled up with a cup of tea, my cat, and a good book.

I discovered the world of bookish Instagrams/bookstagram in July 2016 and immediately made an account complete with some fairly terrible pictures that I was ridiculously proud of. Fortunately, I’ve learned how to use filters since then! When I first made my account I just wanted to share my love of books. I had no idea of the  amazing and supportive community of book lovers that is #bookstagram.

Writing is something I picked up more recently, but that has also been a huge part of my life for the past several years. I met many of my closest friends through a writing group formed during one fateful National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) several years ago. We continued meeting through December, then January, and haven’t looked back since. Bonus: We meet at the most amazing tea shop every week!

Right now everything is shining, shimmering….empty? Safe to say there isn’t much here yet being a brand new blog and all. (A huge shoutout and thank you to my amazing friend Kaylene for designing my gorgeous logo!) Some things I am planning on posting about on this blog though are book reviews, bookish merchandise, author discussions (hopefully), maybe some giveaways, and other bookish thoughts. Really, just a place to share my love and opinions about books.

Lastly and if you’re curious, the name for this blog was created a long time ago, on a college campus far, far away when my sister decided I needed twitter and created the handle redrchl. (Because I have red hair. Very astute observation. Thanks Sarah!) Even though I never used that twitter account, RedRchl has since been my username everywhere.

You can find me on: Goodreads | Instagram | tumblr

Next step: Create a bookish twitter?

Happy reading!

My book ratings generally follow:

5 Stars – Loved it and would absolutely recommend!
4 Stars – Enjoyed it. Would likely recommend.
3 Stars – The book was okay. Would recommend selectively.
2 Stars – Did not enjoy it and would not recommend.
1 Star – Hated/DNF it and would probably actively not recommend it to people considering reading it.

As always, I reserve the right to revise any ratings once I’ve stopped fangirling.